the art of home building begins here

high design

Our homes are not just buildings; we treat them as works of art. The true art of home building is the fusion of high design, functionality, and comfort in a thoughtful way that surpasses the expected.
the art of homebuilding begins here


Mills Eloge challenges out-moded construction techniques and strives to craft superior luxury homes. Our expertise, along with an eye for creative solutions, allows us to overcome unique challenges and push the boundaries of design.
the art of homebuilding begins here

thoughtful living

We are passionate about delivering a unique living experience to our buyers. We endeavor to create serene, thoughtful interior spaces in harmony with outdoor environments.
the art of home building begins here


Our designs challenge tradition, inviting interaction with the home in new and unexpected ways.
the art of homebuilding begins here


Our luxurious and durable homes are borne from a commitment to intentional product selection and uncompromising execution.
the art of homebuilding begins here


With over 40 years of combined expertise in building and design, we are continuously searching for new ways to do things - resulting in cutting edge homes that inspire all who experience them.

Luxury Home Builder in Charlotte, NC

Mills Eloge is a premier home builder dedicated to crafting exceptional living spaces that epitomize high design, functionality, and comfort. With an emphasis on architectural exploration, we are driven by our passion for innovative home building and pushing boundaries to create spaces that redefine contemporary living. Each of our projects is infused with meticulous attention to detail, elevating every aspect of our homes to the highest standards. We work with a variety of architects, designers, and craftsmen to blend form and function seamlessly, ensuring that each dwelling is not only aesthetically captivating but also practical and efficient. Our homes exude a refined style that captivates the senses. From dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows and intimate connections between indoor and outdoor living spaces, to thoughtful design elements, every feature is carefully curated to create an environment that inspires.  Our artisans and design partners embrace a philosophy that homes should be an emotional experience.  We believe that a home should be a refuge—a place that envelops its occupants in warmth and tranquility. With comfort as a core pillar of our philosophy, we strive to make each home an oasis where residents can escape to embrace a lifestyle of serenity and relaxation. Our dedication to crafting each project as a unique masterpiece is evident in every modern detail. Our portfolio showcases the versatility and expertise we bring to every endeavor.

Welcome to Mills Eloge, where homes are more than just spaces—they are works of art, exemplifying the fusion of high design, functionality, comfort, and art.